reading wrap-up 006: hits & misses

Honestly, there were a lot of disappointing books in my last ten reads that I nearly put myself in a reading slump. I don’t know what it was, but it felt like everything I picked up for a while had the opposite of the Midas effect, and turned to poop as soon as I flipped to the first page. Finally, I read a couple of good books that redeemed my reading streak but man am I scorned…

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reading wrap-up 005: finishing my 50th book of the year!

You read that right… despite expecting not to be able to read more than 9 books a month (or at least it was a very optimistic aspiration), I’ve already read 50 books this year! That means I’m nearly halfway through to my reading goal of 108 books this year, and very excitingly, I finally got my physical TBR down to 50 physical books — cheehuu! It looks like 50 is a magic number this year!

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reading wrap-up 004: in my contemporary feels

I breezed through some contemporaries in these past few weeks after being in a particular mind space for reflecting, healing and feeling human. I was busy with a lot of things, in particular my thesis defense, so I didn’t have the time or the mental capacity for many heavy fantasies, and instead lost myself in the familiar to escape the stress of it all.

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reading wrap-up 003: falling off the book-buying ban(dwagon)

I think it’s fair to say that February was a trying time for us all. It’s not a competition or anything, but I feel like my February was particularly difficult. Even though reading has once again become my coping mechanism to deal with the overwhelming stress that is my final semester of graduate studies, I no longer even have the time to engage in daily escapism (cue booing). I did, however, make multiple excuses to leave the house, run errands and make a stop at the bookstore on the way back… so I’ve fallen off the book buying ban(dwagon) in trying to cope with my inability to handle life currently.

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reading wrap-up 001: first ten books of 2022!

It’s been an egregiously long time since I’ve done a wrap-up, and even longer since I did wrap-ups consistently. I’m hoping this year that I’ll be able to do my wrap-ups here on my lovely little blog, where I have more opportunity to express my thoughts in a much more eloquent manner than ever attempted on my YouTube. To hold me accountable for my book buying diet (ICYMI), I’ll be writing a wrap-up every 10 books, then letting you all know what I bought myself as a treat for finishing 10 books off of my physical TBR!

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